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I woke up, completely sober and aware around 0030.  I watched some streaming from netflix.  I'm watching "the Office" usa style.  I am enjoying it because there are so many different personalities in play, as opposed to the original.  However, the never-ending dramaz, as opposed to the original, both poke and yank my heartstrings and I end up as dissatisfied as I was when I was a "days of our Lives" junkie.

So I finally fell back to sleep around 0530, only to have to get up at 0600.  I showered, put on the clothes I've been wearing for at least two weeks, and shuttled my shipmates to the dry-dock.  I received some cryptic emails about the network that I'm supposedly maintaining and waited unti about 0900 for the captain to appear and disburse two days of per-diem.  Following that The Master-Chief and I went shopping for all the parts I need to re-build the system I pictured yesterday.  They had everything except for a 1" check-valve (schedule 80 PVC) so we went for a drive to see the house where the master chief lived in when the master chief's daughter was born we returned to the ship just in time for us to take the other 2 engineers I'm spending my time with out to lunch.

Lunch was...Good.  I don't feel like typing out all the BS involved, but we were the only people in this Cajun joint, and the propritor was all too willing to stand next to us and tell us his life story.  At a bar, that's OK.  In a restaurant, it irritates the living fuck out of me.

Because we won't have the 1" check-valve until Tuesday, I spent the rest of the afternoon in my van, alternately snoozing and listening to NPR, or the both.

There is so much more.  I could write volumes about today, as I can about every day, but I'm fucking drained.  And I just want to drink vodka and watch more television.
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